Sustainable surge protection technology

Did you know surge protectors wear out over time? In fact, most experts recommend replacing your surge protectors at least every 2-3 years. That adds up to a lot of extension cords in the landfill. 


Meet SurgeSwap - Charg's very own, eco-friendly approach to surge protection. An innovative replaceable cartridge lets you swap out a single part - so you don't have to buy new for it to work like new.



Outdated power strips & tangled cords just don't cut it anymore

The solution to modern charging problems isn't just more outlets - it's about the right access to power where (and how) people need to plug in. Purposefully placed, discretely mounted and spread out to maximize your space without taking over your space. 



Power in all the right places

Plugging in is a necessary part of life these days, but we think how we plug in is just as important. Charg delivers smarter, more ergonomic access to charging, designed around how you really work. 



Perfectly placed, intentional access to power and charging with easy-to-use, elegant cord management.


Line art of a cord and plug.Line art of a cord and plug.


easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain,

one-cord solutions that

put power where it's needed.

Line art of a safety shield.Line art of a safety shield.


smart, eco-friendly approach

minimizes e-waste with targeted

SurgeSwap™ technology.

Line art of an expanding chart.Line art of an expanding chart.


innovatively designed to swap

a single part - so you don't have

to buy new for it to work like new.

Line art of a power icon and USB-A and USB-C plugs.Line art of a power icon and USB-A and USB-C plugs.


extra-speedy and convenient

USB-A and USB-C charging -

without the cord clutter.

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Looks good or works well? C'mon, you shouldn't have to choose. With kits created for any and every situation, we make it easy to match your power needs to one of our super-Charg'd solutions.