small business solutions

Close-up of a desk with the Natural Power unit on top of it.Close-up of a desk with the Natural Power unit on top of it.

power to the team

Powering a small business is a BIG deal. Charg™ makes it easy for you and your team to stay plugged in and powered up. Each all-in-one Charg™ kit spreads out access to power so there's more places to plug in, and less fighting over wall outlets to get a charge – with altogether less cords, and convenient wire management to keep your workspace free of clutter. And since start-ups and small businesses don't often come with big budgets, easy-install Charg™ is the perfect hassle-free solution – saving you time and money.

Line art of a cord and plug.Line art of a cord and plug.


easy installation

Line art of an expanding graph.Line art of an expanding graph.

make one outlet

work for the

whole team

Line art of a tangled cord.Line art of a tangled cord.

keeps your space

cord clutter free

Line art of a safety shield.Line art of a safety shield.

highest safety &

quality standards

small business solutions

We're inspired by people like you. The ones out there getting things done. The ones who never stop improving. That's why we took a different approach to power. It's not just about more outlets– but how people actually need to plug in. Charg™ delivers people-centered power solutions designed to not only complement your space, but improve how it functions too.