Charg Launches SurgeSwap Technology, First-Ever Swappable Surge Protection Cartridge in the Market

Innovative, sustainable technology extends life of surge protector, while providing long-term protection over electronics and devices 

ROCKFORD, MI - APRIL 6th, 2022

Charg™, manufacturer of intentionally designed and reliable power solutions, today announced the launch of its new SurgeSwap™ Surge Protection Technology, the first and only replaceable surge protection cartridge available in its 2in1 and 3in1 Surge Protector products.  
Charg launched this product to provide consumers with a simple and reliable solution to ensure their electronics stay safely protected from electrical surges while addressing the ever-growing problem of electronic waste. According to a January 2019 UN report on e-waste, the world produces as much as 50 million tons of electronic waste a year, of which 80% ends up in a landfill, contaminating soil and groundwater. E-waste will only get worse as technology transitions to 5G, and manufacturers continue to make products with a short life cycle.    
“We believe in developing products that are thoughtfully designed to meet consumer needs with long-lasting solutions,” said Annie Mabry, Charg Product Officer. “Knowing that surge suppression wears out over time, it just made sense to develop a product where consumers can simply replace the surge suppression technology, without throwing away the entire power strip. We are trying to do our part to ensure that your electronics—and our planet—continue to stay safe.” 
Most people do not know that point-of-use surge protector devices wear out over time. In fact, many electricians recommend replacing surge protectors every 2-3 years to ensure equipment stays safe from transient surges within a house and electrical grid. However, replacing surge protectors every couple of years is costly and wasteful. With Charg’s new replaceable, sustainable technology, consumers will save money by ensuring their devices stay protected, while also keeping another electronic out of the landfill.  
Charg SurgeSwap products are designed around the values of performance, innovation, safety, sustainability, and simplicity. With the 2in1 or 3in1 Surge Protector, one cord connects two or three streamlined units, putting power where it makes sense—both above and below the desk and with plenty of room to spread out access to outlets, ensuring there are plenty of places to plug in.  
Charg SurgeSwap 2in1 and 3in1 Surge Protectors and replaceable cartridges are now available on, Best Buy, Lowes and Ace Hardware.   
For more information about Charg’s full product line and its SurgeSwap technology, please visit  



Charg designs and manufactures power solutions that are safe, easy, elegant, and reliable. We are the pioneers of SurgeSwap™ technology, the world’s first and only replaceable SurgeSwap cartridge. We believe in designing products that put you in charge of your power situation and allow you to do what you do best without having to worry about having enough power to keep charging ahead.  

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